What is the Sensa Weight Loss System?

The Sensa Weight Loss System is a monthly program to help you lose weight without traditional diets or extreme exercise routines. Each month comes with a unique blend of flavorless crystals that you shake on your food like salt and pepper. These Tastants enhance your sense of smell and taste to help you feel satisfied on smaller portions. So you eat less and lose weight while still eating the foods you normally do.

The Sensa weight loss system is backed by science. It’s designed to work with your senses to help you overcome the biological urge to overeat.

The Sensa Weight Loss System is based on 25 years of research on the science of smell and taste and was formulated to help people lose weight using their sense of smell and portion control.

The Truth About Sensa

Sensa is unlike any other diet product because it helps you lose weight without food restrictions, pre-packaged meals and calorie counting. There are no harsh stimulants, pills or diuretics in Sensa. Sensa contains only 100% GRAS (Generally Recognized as SAFE) ingredients as published by the FDA.

Contrary to popular belief, losing weight is not about what you eat; it’s about how much you eat. Sensa helps you control portion sizes by eating less.

Sensa supports healthy eating habits by providing articles and meal plans on the Sensa Community to help you with your weight loss. They even have weight loss videos on YouTube that provide easy-to-follow recipes.

Sensa Diet Reviews

In a recent article, Harper’s Bazaar** noted that Sensa may be the “easiest diet ever” and Dateline and Extra also reviewed the Sensa Weight Loss System.

Hollywood celebrities like Patti Stanger and TV Host Dayna Devon are turning to Sensa to help them with their red carpet bodies.

And people all over the country are using Sensa and losing weight without traditional dieting.

Here are just a couple of Sensa Diet Reviews written by actual users:

“I tried other diets, but they wouldn’t let me eat what I wanted. Sensa has made me more aware of what I eat. I now eat smaller portions and I’m placing more importance on being healthy.” – Brandy lost 26 lbs* in 6 months using Sensa

“The best thing about Sensa is that it has given me the ability to control my appetite so I eat less.” – Tim lost 67 lbs* in 9 months using Sensa

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Sensa advocates a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and portion control.

*Majority of users lose 9.5 lbs in 6 months. Tim incorporated exercise. All compensated for excellent results.
**As featured in Harper’s Bazaar 12/14/10 issue